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The Icelandic road system is extensive and easy to navigate. Highway no. 1, commonly known as the Ring Road, is the most travelled route around Iceland. Driving in Iceland is very different from anywhere else, because of gravel, snowy, and icy roads as well as many mountain passages. But one also gets so easily distracted by the stunning landscape.

Public transport

It is possible to travel around Iceland by bus but in order to do so it is advisable to plan in...

Icy road in Iceland

Driving in Iceland

Self-drive tours around Iceland are a popular mode of travel. The sights along the way are nume...

Road on the highlands


The No. 1 site for all travel information you’ll need during your trip is Get in...

Accessible travel

Iceland has accessibility challenges, but efforts are being made at both major and minor nature...

Tents in the nature of Iceland

Camping in Iceland

Whether you choose a fully-equipped motorhome or a practical campervan, a truck camper, a simpl...

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Getting around in Iceland