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Best Way to the See the Northern Lights in Reykjavík

Winter visitors to the world‘s northernmost capital: Look up. You are on the Aurora Belt. Reykjavík also happens to be in the middle of the Atlantic and as such a major hub of international flights.

Christmas in Iceland

Incredible travel experiences money can indeed buy

Rauðisandur and Látrabjarg: White beaches to steep cliffs

Geothermal wellness in Iceland

Geothermal Wellness in Iceland

Iceland’s Writing Mania and the Christmas book flood

Reykjavík for Kids

Volcanic eruption in Iceland

What Do Icelanders Eat for Christmas?

Akureyri is a destination for all seasons

Northern lights dance above Kirkjufell mountain in Iceland

The Northern Lights

Humpback whale in Iceland

Whale watching

Famous film sights in Iceland

Planning a trip to Iceland

A bright blue lake in a black lava landscape and steam rising from buildings in the back

A day on the Reykjanes peninsula

Arctic Coast Way

Around Iceland in 14 days

Barnafoss waterfalls and the bridge leading over it

A day in and around Borgarfjörður

Woman in Horgshlidarlaug swimming pool

The Westfjords

A couple in wedding attire out in nature with lupine flowers in background

romantic iceland

Black sand beach Iceland

The South Coast

A man on filming on a glacier

Discover the regions of Iceland

Iceland is typically divided into seven different geographical regions, including the Reykjavík capital area. Each region differs slightly with respect to culture and landscape, but all are uniquely Icelandic.

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Take the Icelandic Pledge

Are you visiting Iceland? Be a responsible tourist and take the Icelandic pledge. Encourage your friends to do the same!

Take the pledge
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Calculate your carbon footprint

Icelanders have used renewable energy for over a century. All electricity and district-heating needs are met with power from renewable geothermal and hydroelectric resources. By harnessing domestic energy resources, Iceland has dramatically increased its standard of living.

Calculate your carbon footprint
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Appreciate our towns & villages

Did you know that there are over 100 towns and villages to explore throughout Iceland? We encourage you to stop and look into these charming, beautiful, and often quirky places. History, art, nature, local cuisine, and year-round swimming pools abound. You might be surprised at what you find!

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Find Charging stations around Iceland

Range anxiety is a thing of the past traveling around Iceland with an electric or hybrid car. Check out this interactive map for all your charging needs throughout the country and plan your trip accordingly.

Plan your drive

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