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How to wear a lopapeysa

When to wear a lopapeysa 

The short answer: always. 

The long answer: A lopapeysa is not only practical and warm but also a socially accepted piece of clothing in all of Iceland. Whether you are going horseback riding or to a dinner party, hiking, or to a work-meeting: the Icelandic sweater is a multipurpose garment, that will never make you appear over-or underdressed. It is therefore the ultimate key piece in everyone’s wardrobe. 

Layers, layers, layers 

Dressing in Iceland is all about layers and Icelandic wool is a great insulator. The best way to wear a lopapeysa is to wear it as a second or outer layer and not directly on your skin, in case you find it to be itchy. But Icelandic wool has a high fat content and is therefore quite water repellent. Wearing it outdoors over a fleece pullover or light windproof jacket will keep you warm and dry. 

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Hamarsrétt on Vatnsnes peninsula

Hamarsrétt on Vatnsnes peninsula @Visit North Iceland

How to pick the right one 

Are you wondering whether you will ever wear a lopapeysa at home? The good news: lopapeysas come in all colors, sizes, and thicknesses. How warm it is, depends on how many yarn strands were used in the making. There are Icelandic sweaters of very thick texture as well as lighter garments. Pick the one that you think you’d wear the most, also in your home country. 

How to wash an Icelandic sweater

Another bonus feature of the Icelandic lopapeysa: it doesn’t have to be washed often!  Wool is by nature antibacterial, water- and dirt repellent and does not start smelling bad after a short while like synthetic fabrics. 

In most cases it is sufficient, to air the sweater out on the balcony. In case you still need to wash it, it's best to do that by hand: soak the sweater in lukewarm water (with perfume-free wool soap) for 15-20 minutes. Squeeze the water out carefully, lay the sweater on a towel to dry flat (never put in the dryer or hang it up to dry), and pull it into shape. 

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How to wear a lopapeysa