Expect volcanic landscapes, peaceful places, good food, friendly people, fascinating history, and unforgettable outdoor activities.

The Volcanic Way - An Adventure through Iceland in the Making

Are you ready for The Volcanic Way? This newly designated route is your gateway to exploring the awe-inspiring landscapes of South Iceland and the Reykjanes regions.

The journey will take you to eight significant volcanoes, each with a distinct geological story of how these fiery giants have sculpted the land and influenced the lives of its inhabitants. Discover Iceland's raw beauty, history, destruction, and growth along the extraordinary Volcanic Way!

What to expect on The Volcanic Way

  • Distance: ~700 km. one-way or ~1200 km. round-trip
  • Roads: Mostly paved lowland roads with a 90 km/ speed limit
  • Towns: 17 towns and villages that become more spread out as you go further east.
  • Elements: Hot springs, lava fields, new and old volcanoes, black sand beaches, sub-glacial volcanoes, volcanic islands, basalt columns, lava beaches
  • Season: Year-round
  • Duration: Take your time. The Volcanic Way should be enjoyed slowly.  We recommend at least one day for each of the eight stages of the way.

View the volcano routes and start planning your journey

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The Volcanic Way - An Adventure Through Iceland in the Making