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Geosea baths in Húsavík

North Iceland

The North of Iceland truly is a land of contrasts. Its long valleys and peninsulas are interspersed with mountains, lava fields and smooth hills carved out by rivers. The deep and numerous indentations in the coast of the North are at times lush with vegetation, at others barren. As one nears the Arctic Circle in the Northern latitudes, the midnight sun is invariably awe-inspiring.

Humpback whale in Iceland

North Iceland is famous for its great whale watching spots

Many towns of the North are dedicated to marine life. The Húsavík Whale Museum and the Seal Center in Hvammstangi are two options for visitors. Close by in the northern reaches of the Vatnajökull National Park is the impressive Ásbyrgi Canyon, as well as the Dettifoss Waterfall—the most powerful in Europe. The nearby Lake Mývatn and its surrounding wetlands has an exceptional variety of waterbirds and rock formations.

The North is home to Iceland's second largest urban area, Akureyri, located in Iceland's longest fjord, the mild-weathered Eyjafjörður. Akureyri, rich in culture and history, has a charming downtown full of late nineteenth century wooden houses. In summer, golfers can take advantage of the midnight sun at the Arctic Open. North Iceland is also home to many historic coastal towns.

Kálfshamarsvík lighthouse on Skagi peninsula

Kálfshamarsvík lighthouse on Skagi peninsula

Travel the Arctic Coast Way

Travelling the Arctic Coast Way means leaving the common routes behind you and going off the beaten track to discover some of the most remote places in North Iceland; a unique adventure following 900 km of coastal roads close to the Arctic Circle.

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Arctic Coast Way


Experience the Diamond Circle

The Diamond Circle can be described as a magnificent circuit of 250km in the Northeast of Iceland, which includes some of the most stunning sights and spots for unearthly landscapes.

Lake Myvatn

Lake Mývatn was formed by a large basaltic lava fissure eruption 2300 years ago

The Diamond Circle has 5 key destinations which include the historical and picturesque Goðafoss, the unearthly blue and green landscapes of Lake Mývatn nature paradise, the uncontrollable white energy of Dettifoss the most powerful waterfall of Europe, the crescent-shaped wonder of Ásbyrgi canyon and Húsavík the buzzing whale watching capital of Iceland with the deep blue seas ahead.

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Diamond Circle.

Museums of North Iceland

Glaumbær museum

The old turf buildings at Glaumbær are a fine example of building construction on the larger farms in Iceland in times past

North Iceland is known for its rich history and the local tourism is culturally connected. There are several possibilities to see and visit ancient places associated with famous Icelanders.

North Iceland has many museums and information centers, many of which have received well-deserved attention domestically and abroad.

Explore the museums of North Iceland

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North Iceland is also the perfect destination for winter activities. View video below.

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North Iceland