Young woman wearing a lopapeysa in front of a yellow lighthouse in North Iceland

How many sheep does it take to knit an Icelandic sweater?  

The ultimate Lopapeysa guide 

Iceland is famous for many things, amongst them it is approximately one million furry inhabitants: the Icelandic sheep. They deliver the wool for the popular Icelandic wool sweater, called lopapeysa. Many visitors are surprised by how many Icelanders they see wearing them. No wonder, the Icelandic lopapeysa is more than just a pretty souvenir: it’s a lifesaver in Icelandic temperatures, a truthful companion on all travels and outdoor adventures, a sustainable piece of clothing that lasts for a very long time, and finally, a stunning must-have piece, that always looks good. 

Here we want to answer all your questions and help you to find your very own lopapeysa.

Follow our guide!

1. History of the lopapeysa

When did all the knitting start, how old is the famous 
lopapeysa-pattern and how did knitting change Icelandic society?


2. How to find an original lopapeysa

What is an original lopapeysa, how much does it cost and how do I recognize an imitation?


3. How to knit a lopapeysa

How many sheep does it take to make an Icelandic sweater, how long does it take to knit one myself, and how difficult is it? 


4. How to wear a lopapeysa

When can I wear a lopapeysa, how do I layer it, how do I pick the right one and how do I wash it? 


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