Plan Your Iceland Adventure

Find your adventure and book your trip to Iceland today.


No matter if you are travelling on a budget, or opting for luxury, you will find accommodation to fit your needs. 

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Travel to Iceland

Iceland is only 3-4 hours from Europe by flight, and 5-6 hours from the East Coast of North America. A number of international airlines operate flights to Iceland year round from various cities on both sides of the Atlantic. There is also a car ferry from Denmark via the Faroe Islands. Start planning your trip today!

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Getting Around Iceland

Getting around in Iceland is easy. The car is the most common mode of transport and car rental agencies can be found in most major towns. Domestic airlines provide daily flights between Reykjavík and most major destinations. 

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Find a Tour Operator

If you need help planning and booking your trip we have an extensive list of tour operators that will gladly assist you. Find the one closest to you or perhaps one of your Icelandic operators can help. 

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Map of Iceland

Take a look at a map of Iceland to help you plan your holiday. 

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