Your flight to Iceland

The following airlines offer flights to Iceland. For full details of flights to Iceland contact your local travel agent or any airline office.

In addition to normal one-way and return fares, a number of attractive excursion and family fares are available, as well as group fares for various sizes of groups. Air fares also differ between seasons.

Aprox flying times to Iceland


All year: Aberdenn, Amsterdam, Birmingham, Boston, Copenhagen, Denver, Edmonton, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Helsinki, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Manchester, Munich, New York, London, Orlando, Oslo, Paris (Charles De Gaulle), Seattle, Stockholm, Toronto and Washington DC (Dulles).

Seasonal: Bergen, Brussel, Dublin, Faro, Halifax, Las Palmas, Paris (Orly) Rome, Tenerife, Valencia and Verona.

Summer: Anchorage, Barcelona, Bergen, Billund, Brussel, Geneva, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Madrid, Milan, Minneapolis, Portland, Vancouver and Zurich.

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WOW air

All year: Berlin, Copenhagen, London (Gatwick) and Paris (Charles De Gaulle).

Seasonal: Alicante, Amsterdam, Baltimore, Barcelona, Billund, Boston, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Lyon, Milan, Rome, San Francisco, Stuttgart, Tenerife, Vilnius, Washington and Warsaw.

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All year: EasyJet maintains regular scheduled flights to Iceland from Basel, Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Geneva, London (Gatwick), London (Luthon) and Manchester.

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All year: SAS maintains regular scheduled flights to Iceland from Oslo.

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All year: Norwegian maintains regular scheduled flights to Iceland from Oslo and Bergen.

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Delta Airlines

Seasonal: Delta Airlines offers daily flights between Iceland and New York (JFK) from February to September.

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All year: Airberlin offers regular flights to Iceland from Dusseldorf all year round and from Berlin, Hamburg and Munich between May and September.

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All year: Germanwings fly from Iceland to Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Stuttgart from June to September.

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Primera Air

Primera Air offers flights to Iceland from Tenerife (all year round), Alicante, Almeria, Barcelona, Billund, Bologna, Khanaria Souda, Las Palmas, Malaga and Milas Bodrum.

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Air Greenland

Air Greenland maintains regular flights between Nuuk, Greenland, and Iceland.

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Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines offer weekly flights from Vienna to Iceland from June to August.

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NIKI Luftfahrt

NIKI Luftfahrt flies from Vienna to Iceland from June to September.

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Transavia offers flights from Paris to Iceland from May to September 2015.

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Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways maintain regluar flights to Iceland from Copenhagen, Bergen and The Faroe Islands.

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Greenland Express

Greenland Express offers regular flights between Denmark, Iceland and Greenland from June 17th through October.

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Deutsche Lufthansa

Lufthansa maintains regular flights from Frankfurt and Munchen in Germany to Iceland from May through September.

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Vueling flies from FCO Rome and Barcelona to Keflavík.

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Edelweiss Air

Edelweiss Air offers weekly flights from Geneva and Zurich in the summer.

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British Airwaves

British Airways offer regular scheduled flights between London Heathrow and Keflavík, Iceland.

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Iberia will offer regular scheduled flights between Madrid, Spain and Keflavik, Iceland, from June to September 2016.

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Wizz Air

Wizz Air offers scheduled flights to Iceland from Gdansk and Warsaw and also from Budapest, starting in March 2016.

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Discover the World

The tour operator Discover the World offers a new flight route between London’s Gatwick and Egilsstaðir, East Iceland, twice weekly, between 28 May and 24 September 2016. Operated by Air Baltic exclusively chartered by Discover the World it can only be booked as part of a holiday package with the operator.

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Germania Airlines

Germania Airlines maintains scheduled flights to Iceland from Bremen and Friedrichshaven from June to September.

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Seasonal: Finnair flies direct from Helsinki to Reykjavik from 11 April to 27 October 2017.

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