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In February, 2014, Inspired by Iceland launched a global search for the ‘World’s Most Intrepid Tourist’. The unique competition brought one winner, Jennifer Asmundson, and her friend Corina, on the Secret Tour of Iceland planned by 100,000 strong army of Facebook fans. This magical 7-day tour saw them travel across the country, uncovering its best kept, most colourful and often surprising secrets. This is their story. #IcelandSecret

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Discover the secrets­

Explore the Regions of Iceland

East Iceland

The east coast of Iceland is home to the country's largest forest, lush farmlands and a range of small fjords and islands. Thanks to the East's many natural harbors, a variety of fishing villages and small seaside communities border the coast.

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West Iceland

The western peninsula is one of Iceland's most geologically diverse regions. Its natural wonders are a nearly exhaustive sampling of all that Iceland has to offer, ranging from slumbering volcanoes and majestic waterfalls to a variety of flora and wildlife.

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One of Iceland's best kept secrets is undoubtedly the country's North-West corner, usually known as the Westfjords. Isolation has preserved the region in relatively unspoiled wilderness. Largely uninhabited, the Westfjords are frequently distinguished by travel guides as a destination of excellence, and are a must-see for any serious explorer.

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South Iceland

The south coast of Iceland is home to some the country's most visited tourist attractions. The coastline itself is renowned for its beauty, and the towns along the coast are famous for their fresh seafood.

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Westman Islands

The Westman Islands, or Vestmannaeyjar as they are called in Icelandic, have a beautiful and varied landscape, unique flora and are an excellent site for sailing, hunting and birdwatching. Off the south coast of Iceland, Vestmannaeyjar is an archipelago that consists of four small islands and eleven large ones, of which Heimaey is the only one inhabited.

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North Iceland

The north of Iceland is truly a place of contrasts. Its long valleys and peninsulas are interspersed with mountains, lava fields and smooth hills carved out by rivers. As one nears the Arctic Circle in the northern latitudes, the midnight sun is invariably awe-inspiring.

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