Experience the Peace and Quiet of the Westfjords

One of Iceland's best kept secrets is undoubtedly the country's north-west corner, usually known as the Westfjords. Isolation has preserved the region in relatively unspoiled wilderness. Largely uninhabited, Iceland's Westfjords are frequently distinguished by travel guides as a destination of excellence, and are a must-see for any serious explorer.

Hornstrandir are located in the Westfjords' northwestern corner, an uninhabited peninsula and nature reserve that is a haven for the Arctic fox as well as a variety of birdlife. The birdcliff Látrabjarg, on the west side of the Westfjords, which apart from hosting nearly half of the world's population of some bird species, is also the westernmost point of Europe. The spectacular Dynjandi, a set of waterfalls with an accumulated height of 100 meters, is another must-see.

The Westfjords are a true Icelandic wilderness, and are undoubtedly the ideal place for spotting birds, arctic fox and other unique fauna in their natural habitats.

Tradition and heritage play a large role in the region's culture. The strong relation to the ocean is evident in the regional cuisine and folklore is as much alive in the Westfjords as anywhere else in Iceland, with museums dedicated to sorcery and witchcraft, as well as monsters and creatures from the sea.

The Westfjords are a true Icelandic wilderness, and are undoubtedly the ideal place for spotting birds, arctic fox, and other unique fauna in their natural habitats.

Major towns

Ísafjörður, Bolungarvík, Patreksfjörður and Hólmavík

Regional airports

Ísafjörður, Bíldudalur and Gjögur

Major attractions

Látrarbjarg, Rauðasandur, Hornstrandir nature reserve, Ísafjörður, Patreksfjörður, Dynjandi

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